Software development


I've been a keen software engineer since I was a lad, when I would spend many hours labouriously tweaking 6502 assembler code on my old BBC Micro and hoping that the cassette recorder wouldn't die before I had successfully saved my work.

When I started out as an audio engineer, there wasn't much overlap between the worlds of software and audio - but how things have changed now!

My most important software efforts have been with Takelog and its successor Lumberjack - which are used all over the world and take the drudgery out of running recording sessions - especially for classical music and film scores, where you are recording and keeping multiple takes of the same piece of music. At one point, Takelog and Lumberjack had been used on the film scores of 6 of the 10 highest-grossing movies of all time.

Some other utilities that you may find useful:

  • Software Audio Console (SAC) to Yamaha 01V96 MIDI converter - this enables the first 16-fader layer on a Yamaha 01V96 digital mixer to used as a MIDI controller for Bob Lentini's Software Audio Console. I wrote this originally for the City Wakes project, and it has proved invaluable since. More details and download here.

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