Takelog is a software package I wrote in the mid-1990s to make the job of managing recording sessions a whole lot easier - especially for the tape-op/assistant engineer. Takelog was a DOS program running on any old knackered PC that controlled tape machines, logged takes and timecodes, made playbacks easy and quick, and printed out all the paperwork that was previously a nightmare of blunt pencils and aching wrists.

It was used in all the studios at Abbey Road, and made me quite popular with the team of assistant engineers! Many external engineers came to work at Abbey Road, and some of them saw it in action, liked it, and bought it.

After leaving Abbey Road in 2000 I carried on developing the software, and introduced a much-enhanced Windows version called Lumberjack. This is still in use today, and still available for purchase.

At one point, Takelog/Lumberjack had been used in creating the film scores for six of the top ten grossing movies of all time.

More information about Takelog can be found here.

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