lumberjackLumberjack is the successor to Takelog, the software I wrote to handle all the tedious tasks on recording sessions - controlling machines, logging take numbers and timecodes, setting up playbacks.

Lumberjack runs on any Windows PC (from Windows 2000 to Windows 7), and can control up to 4 machines with complete independence. It can also talk directly to some digital audio workstations - for example, I use it during location recording and post-production to control SAW Studio running on the same PC.

I've added many great enhancements for use with SAW Studio - for example, Lumberjack can automatically work through a SAW project naming regions by take number and adding verbal slates to a separate audio track. This makes the production of producer listening copies (on CD or whatever) much easier and less error-prone.

More information about Lumberjack can be found here - it is a bit out of date, so you're probably better off getting in touch directly.

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